The Sales Person’s Travel Planner

I’m in a rather odd position: I sell sales enablement technology. It’s sort of like a musician writing songs about guitars. Because I live and breathe sales technique, I’m always on the hunt for new material, new techniques—not just to sharpen my skills, but also to help feed the information channels of our sales coaching partners.

As a result, I collect sales events—LOTS of them, more than I can possibly attend in person. Some are online, but many are live. They’re the perfect venue for networking with my fellow sales professionals, share war stories, and add to my tool set.

Here’s a sampling of this year’s sales-related events. Maybe I’ll see you at some of them. Please feel free to bookmark this blog and use it to plan your events. All I ask is that you share the “best new thing” you learned in the comments below. Thanks!

AA-ISP Leadership

Chicago, April 18-20

Learn about the latest sales hacks, technology, and best practices. Keynote speakers: Meridith Elliot Powell & Debbie Dunnam

Accelerate 2017

San Francisco, May 2-4

This conference is great because they give you an outline of how to sell your boss on why you need to attend. There are many great reasons to go to this conference, not the least of which you’ll be able to get points because of the number of conferences in San Francisco.

Sales 3.0

San Francisco, May 1-2, Las Vegas, Sept. 18-19, & Philadelphia, Dec. 4

Learn how to better utilize people, process and technology to achieve enormous ROI. Listen to experts speak about explain and explore these 3 areas and how they can impact your bottom line.


Oakland, CA, May 9-11

The Ultimate Customer Success Event; the title says it all. Geared towards post-sales or client-facing roles, this event is a must attend with speakers from Facebook, Atlassian, IBM, Oracle, Docusign and many others.

AA-ISP Inside Sales 2017

San Francisco, June 8, and Boston, September 7 and

If you are part of an inside sales team, whether it’s as a manager or representative, you’ll be able to connect with professionals and learn about what is working and what is not.

Forrester Customer Experience Forum

New York City, June 20-21

Focusing on how companies need to shift to more of a customer-obsessed operations and focus on moving faster, this conference geared towards Sr. Executives and how to help manage the change that is required by companies to outlast the competition in the future.

B2B LeadsCon

New York City, August 21-23

This conference is for those that are part B2B Lead Gen operation within your company. Learn about the latest trends in SEO, Account Based Management, Sales/Marketing Analytics,  as well as Behavioral Targeting and many others.


Boston, September 25-28

This is the conference for all those that are part of the Inbound sales and marketing efforts. Learn the latest trends, tactics, and success stories all related to Inbound sales and marketing.

Sales Force Productivity Conference

Atlanta, October 16-18

This event is for the sales professional that want to learn and network with other sales leaders, sales operations and sales effectiveness professionals. Learn about the trends and technologies that are changing our industry.

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