How to Sell Like a Rock Star

The other day, I moved some boxes and found a cache of CDs from my college days. (Remember CDs? They’re the 8-tracks of my generation, just like MPs and thumb drives will be some day.)

So I dusted off my boombox (yes, yes, I know) and played Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood. Instantly, I was taken back to all-nighters, disgusting fraternity floors, and red solo cups. I could remember every single word, even though it’s been years since I last heard it. I’m sure you can relate. A song comes on that used to be your jam. You remember the whole thing, even though you haven’t thought about it for years.

Why does that happen? Because you practiced it.

You practically wore out that CD listening to it so much. You sang along to it in your car or in your room. You practiced it so much that you eventually became an expert—ready to kill it at karaoke.

In short, you internalized it.

Believe it or not, the best sales training use3s exactly that approach, and applies it to internalizing sales skills. I’ll admit, practicing your core sales skills isn’t always as fun as memorizing a club banger, but the rewards are better. The best thing I got with my mad rapping skills was the admiration of Alison the sophomore blonde. The best thing I got with my sales skills is a career!

At Viddler, we break down sales training into video courses which makes it easy to remember specific skills. As you learn a particular skill you then practice it with our system. This repetition is what builds your sales muscles. Over time, you see the results of internalizing your core skills without even thinking.

Sales people often come to us if they’re just starting their career or if they want to improve their skills. Their number one problem is lack of consistency. They’re handling their tasks “on the fly” and aren’t practicing their delivery. With inconsistent performance comes inconsistent results.

The next time someone asks what you do at a networking event, be prepared to deliver an impressive response. The next time you make a follow up call, don’t just say you are “checking in”. Take the time to practice.

Start your practicing with a free trial to the Viddler Sales Gym, build your muscle, and be ready to jam..

Rock on.

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