5 Ways Improve Your Sales Team’s Effectiveness

Despite the saying “everybody sells,” professional salespeople improve with the support of coaching, role-playing, and reinforcement. It’s especially true in large, geographically distributed, and fast-moving teams. For sales managers and team leaders, here are five timely tips. Sales proficiency is typically a learn-by-doing process—notwithstanding the MANY good books and seminars on how to sell. We […]

DIY Video is Right for Trainers [VIDEO]

Do-it-yourself video is not just for bloggers. Training professionals can create very effective video content at a surprisingly low cost. Guest blogger and eLearning guru Tim Slade shares his tips for doing it well. Besides getting the right equipment (again, not all that costly), there are some basic best practices for filming and editing DIY […]

What Happens When Sales Training Isn’t Reinforced

Without even the slightest prodding from you, every night your sales team goes home and curls up by the fire with their cup of General Foods International Coffee, sets Pandora on the Yianni channel, and reviews their sales training binders over and over again. Right. If you don’t reinforce sales training, make it easy for […]

7 Steps to Better Webcam Videos

Webcams are not just for video chat. Learning professionals can use them to create inexpensive video content for training. Here are some tips for making your webcam videos a better learning experience. As we mentioned last month, eLearning videos do not always need to be professionally produced. An alternative approach is webcam recording—using your PC’s […]

5 Ways to Extend Your Training “Reach”

For large organizations—or for any audience scattered around the world—creating and sustaining an effective training presence is a challenge. Online learning is the key, but success is not guaranteed. Here are some ways to affordably extend your reach. Long distance training is challenging. As a trainer, one of your best tools is your connection or […]

Another Way to Easily Create Video

Last week, we described 7 ways to create video content for eLearning. We wanted to add another important approach: animated “explainer videos.” In our October 15 blog, we recommended that eLearning professionals expand their notion of what video is. Thinking of video content as more than professionally-produced and scripted footage is the key to an […]

5 Rules for Creating Relevant and Fluff-free Content (INFOGRAPHIC)

Whether you’re designing interactive courseware, a PowerPoint deck for a live training event, or the script and storyboard for an instructional video, these 5 rules will serve you well. Information overload is a common pitfall that eLearning designers should be wary of. Your goal should be to create a course that packs in only that […]

7 Ways to Easily Create More Video

Learning professionals have a firm grasp of the value of online video. They also experience anxiety—not just about finding ways to use video more effectively, but also about cost. It’s a dilemma. Many equate good video with high-end production (scripts, storyboards, actors, directors, shooting schedules, post-production, etc.) Perhaps it’s time to broaden our definition of […]

What’s Wrong with Using Learning Styles?

Reflections from DevLearn: Can preconceptions about learners limit their ability to learn? At last week’s DevLearn event in Las Vegas, we launched a new survey. We’re asking L&D professionals their opinions on Neil Fleming’s (and others’) model—that individuals fall into distinct learning styles, like Visual, Auditory, Read-Write, and Kinesthetic. (If you’re reading this before October […]

Send In The Training Reinforcements

With interactive video training, businesses can apply learning reinforcement techniques needed to keep sales training from evaporating. Not everyone is a born salesman. Effective sales techniques can be taught in the classroom (real or virtual), but too often that training disappears very quickly if the material is not reinforced. In his 2013 ATD blog, Sales […]