For Video-Based Training, Do You Need an LMS?

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are the right solution for many corporate training applications. But are they a panacea? If you are considering a video-based training and reinforcement approach, the answer may surprise you. Each time I attend a marquee event held by ATD, the eLearning Guild, or Training Magazine, my friends and I play a […]

7 Myths About Instructional Video: Which One is Limiting You?

“Truly interactive online video allows for training reinforcement via webcam or mobile recording regardless of the trainee’s location or schedule. It also provides a more efficient way to deliver instructional content in the first place.” Here are seven myths and misconceptions about instructional video, published in Learning Solutions Magazine this week: Myth #1: Everything worth […]

Where does User data Go with Video Embeds?

We hear this a lot: “I’ve been using YouTube or Vimeo to embed video in my LMS, but I need user tracking for my videos.” Sound familiar? Here are some important things to know about using video with your learning system. User data from your LMS are extremely comprehensive—as they should be. However, many players (especially […]

4 Steps to Successful Training (or Retraining)

If you’re looking for a job, training (or retraining) is a prescription for success. But how do people acquire new skills—for their current job or for a different career path? Here are some ideas. Good training is hard to come by. Back in the day, when I switched from food service to a higher-paying profession, […]

3 Reasons to Use Video Coaching

Instructor-led classroom training is the default for many companies seeking to improve team performance. But training alone is not enough. Knowledge retention is notoriously low without consistent practice and reinforcement. Coaching, on the other hand, provides great results, especially if the learning takes place using video. Everyone in business has experienced their version of Ferris […]

Why We Love Training (and You Should Too!)

Viddler is focused on soft skills training and reinforcement. That’s not a surprise to anyone reading our blogs. But we thought you’d like to know why we chose training as the main target for our awesome video technology. Training was always the key to success. Young Stone Age hunters had to learn how to bring […]

5 Tools Everyone in the Training Industry Should be Using

Everyone agrees that training is key. With training, smarter, more experienced people make better decisions and fewer mistakes. Their work moves the company forward. However, getting those people there is the hard part. Here are five tools that trainers need to reach that goal. Business has always been fast paced, complicated, and arduous. That’s why […]

Is Your Training Foundation Secure?

No one disputes the notion that skills and knowledge within a company are foundational to its success. Training, mentoring, and plain old experience are the means to that end. But when it comes to training, we’re often “too busy mopping the floor to turn off the water.” Let’s face it. Training is one of those […]

Your Video Training is on YouTube. Now What?

An Innovative History: Online video has had many stages throughout its short lifetime. In the mid 2000s, YouTube was one of the fastest growing websites, and many businesses were racing to get their videos online. In the early to mid 2010’s, professional platforms like Vimeo emerged offering low cost professional hosting outfitted with better security […]

Are You (Web) Camera-Shy?

Some people are self-conscious in front of a camera. I’m one of those that suffer from webcam shyness. As I’ve been working with our new product—Viddler Training Suite—it occurred to me that other trainees may have the same shyness as I do. Here’s some advice for trainees like me. In case you’re wondering, I’m really […]