The Power of Summaries

Last week, I wrote about the beginning of a good sales interaction, namely the importance of having a good agenda. This week, I’ll take it from the other end. What makes the conclusion of a meeting a good experience or a poor one? The answer is of course the summary. This topic is another one […]

Do You Have an Agenda?

Today’s political environment has taken a perfectly good word—agenda—and made it a bad thing. I’d like to reclaim the word, and make it a positive part of our interactions with others. Ideally, a good agenda is something that clearly communicates needs and goals beforehand. It’s all about transparency. For the record, I think the negative […]

Leader of the Pack?

There are many popular misconceptions about wolf packs, especially when we over-simplify phrases like “alpha male” or “alpha female” and use them to explain human interaction and teamwork. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from the way hunting animals rely on each other to survive and even thrive. Case in point: The photo […]

How to Sell Like a Rock Star

The other day, I moved some boxes and found a cache of CDs from my college days. (Remember CDs? They’re the 8-tracks of my generation, just like MPs and thumb drives will be some day.) So I dusted off my boombox (yes, yes, I know) and played Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood. Instantly, I was taken back […]

The Art of the Email Subject Line

Believe me, people tend to make snap judgements about incoming emails based in part on the subject line. Even if you’re not super busy, you’re likely to ignore and/or delete any email whose subject line doesn’t pass the “is-this-legit?” test. I’ve been on both sides of the email subject line: the person crafting it and […]

How To Make Awesome Presentation Videos

As a writer and former trainer, I’ve always looked for ways to add other media to my words. Text is all well and good. After all, that’s how we’re communicating at this very instant! But, as any good trainer will tell you, engaging your audience requires more than one medium. My favorite one is video. […]

The Misleading Debate Over Text “Versus” Video

Here’s a question that plagues trainers and eLearning professionals: “When teaching or learning something new, do you prefer video or text?” Frankly, it is the wrong question. According to “everyone,” video is supposed to be the most powerful way to learn. Many assume that online video inherently makes eLearning better or more effective. So, they […]

The One Problem the Sales Enablement Industry Hasn’t Solved Until Now

In Norman Juster’s classic, The Phantom Tollbooth, many of the book’s characters obsess about measuring things. Words, colors, sounds, and numbers are just things to be sorted and classified. Real life is askew—lacking both Rhyme and Reason. Sales is in that position today. More specifically: sales enablement. Measuring detailed performance indicators has become an obsession, […]

The Sales Person’s Travel Planner

I’m in a rather odd position: I sell sales enablement technology. It’s sort of like a musician writing songs about guitars. Because I live and breathe sales technique, I’m always on the hunt for new material, new techniques—not just to sharpen my skills, but also to help feed the information channels of our sales coaching […]

Musings of a Busy Software Trainer

I work for a small technology company, Creative Edge Software. Our product, while amazingly effective and affordable, is at times difficult to master. Partly this is because our brilliant U.K. engineers keep adding new features. Even though the universe of potential users is smaller than, say, Photoshop, they still need to be trained. There’s also […]