How I Became a Flip Turn Hero

A few years ago, I signed up for a triathlon. I had one problem: I didn’t know how to swim, which is literally one-third of what a triathlon is! So, I did what every overconfident young man does: I joined a gym with a pool and jumped right in. When I started, I couldn’t go […]

People Hate Change (and What Can Be Done About It)

It’s normal to be change-resistant. Think about some over-used sayings. ”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “Leave well enough alone.” “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Marty Rubin famously quipped, “It’s not easy to change things. Things fight back.” The point is, we all resist, even when we know better. There are […]

Interactive Video Training Starts With Online Video

Trainers and educators generally agree that video content is valuable. They also agree that making video available online enhances its value—by making it available remotely and, hopefully, by making it interactive. However, it turns out that there’s a knowledge gap when it comes to the basics of “online video.” Last year, I spoke at the […]

More Sales in Less Time

As Viddler strengthens its platform in sales training—and since I’m a sales guy myself—I thought it wise to keep my sales tools sharp, to practice what we preach, as it were. So, I’m always on the hunt for great techniques to incorporate into my “workout routine.” I’m happy to say I found another one: Jill […]

What Actually Qualifies as a Sales Enablement Tool?

The term “Sales Enablement” covers a wide range of offerings, and has many definitions and qualifiers. But not everyone agrees on what it really is. Software vendors use one definition, CRM vendors use another, research firms use still another. You and your boss probably have different definitions. Your sales coach (if you have one) almost […]

How to Speak to a Crowded Room

This week, Viddler introduced a new website that focuses on “training for excellence” with our product’s unique workflow designed just for interactive video training. As a company, we were faced with finding the best way to articulate our solution and convince our audience to invest in it. A big misconception in designing for SaaS companies […]

College Won’t Prepare You For Sales, But This Will

According to the Washington Post, undergraduate business degrees in finance, accounting, marketing, and business management account for about 20% of bachelor’s degrees awarded each year. And now, for the first time, MBAs are the most popular postgraduate degree, surpassing Masters of Education programs. But for all those business programs, sales takes a backseat in course […]

Viddler’s History of Interactive Sales Training

In 2005, Viddler created interactive video technology that enabled children to really engage with video. When the video character asked “where’s my lunchbox?”, the child watching could click the video on the missing lunchbox and the character would say “thank you!” As the video continued to play, various interactions, assessments really, were presented the the […]

In a World of Endless Options, Offer a Single Solution

You’ll find it on the sugary cereal aisle of your local supermarket. You’ll also find it on the toothpaste aisle, as you try to avoid the resulting cavities. In case you do get a cavity, you’ll also find that something as you search for a local dentist within 10 miles on Google. What am I […]

What does it really mean to find a career you love?

Valentine’s day is all about the people we love. But “love” is used in different ways. Penelope Trunk argues that “Finding a career you love” is bad career advice. If that’s true, then I’m among the guilty. A few years ago, a trip back my alma mater (to talk to students about my career) prompted […]