Step-By-Step Sales Coaching by the Numbers

To conclude this series on sales coaching, here’s a step-by-step guide for using a “Coaching by the Numbers” process to get each representative on your sales development team up to an optimal level of cold-calling success. STEP 1 — Get rigorous about creating a list of call dispositions that work for coaching. This is the […]

Lessons for Salespeople from “Groundhog Day”

Today is February 2nd—a most peculiar American holiday. If you’re reading this with a feeling of déjà vu, then you may be thinking about Harold Ramis’ 1993 comedy, “Groundhog Day.” If you’re also a salesperson, then perhaps there’s something you can learn from the film. For the handful of those who haven’t seen the film, […]

What Salespeople Can Learn from a Legendary American All-Star

Today is baseball legend Jackie Robinson’s birthday. You know the name—even if you’re not a sports buff. But what does Jackie and his legacy have to do with your success in your sales career? Let me recap, for those who have not seen the excellent 2013 movie, “42.” In 1947, Jackie broke through baseball’s color […]

The Problem with KPIs in Coaching Your Sales Team

Part 3 of 4 In this series, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about call outcomes and call dispositions as ways to identify coaching milestones—who to coach and what to coach them on. There are in fact many common CRM dispositions that map directly and reliably onto coachable phases that every sales development conversation […]

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Professional Communications

The concept of emotional intelligence is a relatively new one in psychology. Although the term first appeared in the mid-1960s, it wasn’t until Daniel Goldman’s 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence, that it became mainstream. We’ve been using it ever sense—to understand more about becoming successful. Turning to my own field, it turns out that being a […]

Chipping Out of the Sales Sandtrap—By Mapping Call Dispositions

Part Two of Four Conversations, like golf swings, come in distinct parts. For the golf swing, we have the setup; backswing; transition; downswing; impact; and follow-through. For sales development conversations, we have opening and agreement to engage; communicating value; offering the meeting; agreeing to the meeting (or not); and collaborating to set the meeting. Most […]

How Designers Are The Salespeople of Creativity

Recently, one of my coworkers wrote on how he became an accidental salesperson. (You can read that article here). One quote stood out to me: “I slowly built up my skills and reputation, and started making more sales. One thing became painfully obvious: in sales, you must continue learning.” As a graphic and web designer, […]

How to Get Closer to an Ideal Sales Coaching Strategy This Year

In sales, coaching and training are two terms that have often been used interchangeably, without distinction or clarity. It’s time for a change. Heading into 2017, we’d like to help make a clear distinction between sales training and coaching—and let you know which strategy we think  works. Coaching vs. Training vs. Evaluation First, sales coaching […]