The Bigger Picture of Instagram Stories: Moving from Individual Features to a Full Solution

Finding yourself isn’t just for twenty-somethings escaping to Europe after graduation. Businesses also have to do some soul searching every once in awhile. Instagram is going through such a transition, hoping to be the go-to platform for “in the moment” memory captures. Rolling out the new Instagram Stories capability proved they’re moving into a new wave of social networking.

Instagram’s evolution as a new social networking experience sparked my interest. I wanted to look at Instagram as an overall brand. The company didn’t stop at making one thing good. Instead, they kept expanding to offer users a social network solution-based service.

Originally, Instagram wanted to be different from Facebook. On Facebook, people were sharing albums of photos combined with status updates. Instagram was born out of necessity to go back to basics with single stream photo sharing – and doing that better than anyone else.

After Instagram created the  single photo posting stream, the company added video posting. Next came an interactive advertisement platform, a geolocative “explore” feature, and now the controversial “Instagram Stories.” Instagram saw the success of Snapchat’s story feature because it became societally compulsory to post what you’re up to in your “story.” This all-encompassing media progression has made Snapchat, and now Instagram, a one-stop posting experience. Users can pick 1 medium on their site or use all the posting options to showcase their lives on the Internet.

Similar to Instagram, Viddler wanted to do something different in the online video hosting sphere. In the beginning, Viddler was in competition with YouTube. Users wanted their videos to be found by targeted audiences. However, YouTube’s mass appeal (from cat videos to painful acoustic covers) wasn’t the atmosphere that businesses want to be associated with . Viddler saw this missed opportunity and focused on the needs of businesses. To be a step ahead of YouTube, Viddler made their video player a step above the rest. It included (and still includes today) in-line video commenting, personal branding, and advanced interactive features that YouTube wasn’t offering. Viddler’s main focus was making the best video player in the market.

Like Instagram and many other companies, Viddler evolved to offer a full solution. Instagram determined that a single stream photo posting app won’t cut it in today’s viral world. Combining tools in one platform gives Instagram a strategic leg up among the social networking sites. Similarly, Viddler recognized that online training delivery and practice tools had to be offered in a secure, measurable platform to stand out from the numerous, generic video hosting providers. Today,  we focus on making the best technology for companies who need to implement measurable, interactive video training for distributed teams.

Internet-based companies have a lot of competition. In order to survive, they must deliver a solution to everyday technology problems of a clearly defined audience. It’s all about focus.

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