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We want your health professionals to be happy at work. And we want it fast.

That’s why we’re excited to give you a free, signed copy of the Healthcare Edition of 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement  by Vicki Hess.

Written for today’s healthcare leaders, 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement outlines a proven method for boosting engagement. Vicki’s strategies are practical and effective- so your healthcare organization’s staff can be on their way to professional paradise in no time.

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About Vicki

Vicki Hess, RN, MS, is a Top 5 Healthcare Speaker, trainer, and consultant.  Vicki is regarded as the go-to employee engagement expert in healthcare.

Her unique views on patient & employee engagement are evidence-based, relatable and real-world. Organizations that implement Vicki’s ideas experience increased productivity, safety, quality, retention, client satisfaction, creativity and more.
Vicki’s clients include the American Healthcare Association, the American Nurse Association, Duke University Health System, and Johns Hopkins Hospital among others.

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