Viddler’s New Focus

Viddler is in the midst of launching a new online sales training product. Sales training is our new focus. Change is good, but it’s never easy.

According to George Bernard Shaw, “progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” GB’s saying holds especially true in the world of technology—and online video is no exception.

Viddler began as a typical technology disruptor, changing people’s minds about the nature of online video. Our name was a playful one—in keeping with our early adopters: individuals and businesses who were excited about the potential of online video.

Viddler was one of the very early Online Video Platforms (OVPs)—a field eventually dominated by the likes of YouTube. However, as the OVP market became increasingly a click-bait-advertising commodity, we decided it was again time for another change.

What IS Interactive Video?

From the beginning, Viddler pioneered (and patented) unique, in-video features, like text and webcam commenting and tagging on the video timeline. We also developed a Flash-based webcam video recorder that is still widely used. However, this kind of interactivity was ahead of its time—especially in the commodity-based OVP world. Advertisers and publishers simply didn’t see the need.

However, trainers and educators benefitted from our technology in new and exciting ways. We paid attention and, in late 2014, Viddler began focusing more on those markets, prompted in part by our early success in higher education with McGraw Hill. With trainers in particular, our solution solves several pressing problems.

On Beyond Viddler

So, we are launching a new product, focused on sales training, collaboration/coaching, and practice reinforcement. As our beta users have discovered, it is a remarkable new way to use online video. Our new product empowers trainers and sales professionals at all levels to:

  • Engage directly with their trainees or staff, even when separated by great distances, time zones, busy schedules, and their preferred mobile devices.
  • Provide an effective way to practice essential skills, prepare for upcoming challenges, share and collaborate with the team, and supply meaningful feedback from managers and peers.
  • Above all, achieve improved and measurable results from their existing training investment—both for the individual trainees and the company as a whole.

Our new product symbolizes the change we have embraced. Our foundation is still secure video technology, but Viddler’s new focus on sales trainers and their needs results in a purpose built product that will continue to improve and evolve for their needs. Our whole team—developers, sales, marketing, and strategic partners—are energized, in a way that reminds us of Viddler’s early, disruptive days.

Change is not easy, but it’s always worth it.

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