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C-SPAN’s StudentCam 2015 contest receives a record number of submissions (and votes)

For the past six years, the C-SPAN Classroom service has used Viddler’s Contest Manager to conduct its annual StudentCam competition for U.S. high school and middle school students. Each group creates and submits a short documentary on an issue of national importance, and then students vote for their favorite. This year the number of submissions reached an all-time high (2,280) with the top entry receiving 119,258 votes.

This year, students submitted videos on the topic, “The Three Branches and You,” showing how an executive, legislative, or judicial action has affected their community. The contest winners spanned a broad range of topics, including public education, healthcare, and the economy.

As in previous years, Viddler worked with C-SPAN to set up the branded website, including contest rules, user management, and an intuitive user interface for uploading content and voting on video submissions. Viddler’s robust video hosting and content delivery network was able to handle the increased traffic with ease.

Video Gamification

In recent years, professional learning and development discussions increasingly include the idea of “gamification” to increase trainee or student engagement with online learning materials. For video content, friendly competition is proving to be a good example of this.

“Video has long been used as a way to make educational content more engaging, but often the content is designed to be consumed – not created – by the student,”

Carrie Strohl, Viddler’s VP of Product Development and Operations and former Director of Product Management at Pearson Education.

“Our Contest Manager offering not only puts the learner at the center of this engaging form of content – it also encourages friendly competition which has been shown to generate positive behavioral skills related to tenacity and persistence. By adding a game-like element of competition, C-SPAN is providing educational content, promoting life-skills, and demonstrating the learning potential of online video.”

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