Video Trends to Care About in 2016

2015 brought a lot of attention to the use of video; from Facebook offering an endless scroll video feed to the eLearning industry captivating the teaching powers of video.

Video teaches the world how to tie a tie, bake a new recipe, or learn a new language. But what is next to come for video? At Viddler, we are taking a stab at what we think will be the hottest video trends of 2016!

Video Micro-Moments

Video micro-moments are what users are looking for to answer basic questions about products, services, processes, or events. Adding video into a marketing plan can transform the way your customers, and potential customers, understand your product.

In these moments when users are searching for answers, “moments of intent are redefining the purchase journey; people want the right information right away”, as Google would describe.

Video micro-moments will transforms brands in 2016 because it is an easy way to define your brand’s purpose, give your users content to answer their product questions, and help your potential customers find your product through your videos.


Repurposing Content

Reduce, reuse, recycle is something we all aspire to do with the environment, but you can apply the same technique to video creation and production.

Instead of recreating a new video anytime you want to send a different message, repurpose parts of videos that could be made by combining smaller “chunks” of content that could then be blocked together to create a new video.

Read more about the chuncking process here.

In 2016, video is going to have to be produced quickly and to perfection. Save time and energy by repurposing video content.

Making Content Measurable and Interactive

The difference between interactive video with measurable results versus a passive video is the ability to connect with real people through an online medium. To get an in-detailed view of passive videos and interactive videos, look at the slideshow below or check out the “What is interactive video?” blog post!

A Nima Hunter study found, only 31% of learning professionals surveyed said they were extremely or very familiar with the concept of interactive video while 82% said the same about eLearning.

In 2016, that 31% is intended to rise because interactivity will become a video “norm.” Most videos start with YouTube, but businesses are starting to realize that YouTube will not be enough to capture the need for interactivity within videos. Businesses will have to move their videos to the private sector, such as Viddler, for a complete interactive video training solution.

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