What Happens When Sales Training Isn’t Reinforced

Without even the slightest prodding from you, every night your sales team goes home and curls up by the fire with their cup of General Foods International Coffee, sets Pandora on the Yianni channel, and reviews their sales training binders over and over again. Right.

If you don’t reinforce sales training, make it easy for the team to stay engaged, and stay on it with enough energy (most don’t), even good training is likely to fail eventually.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to read Mike Schultz’s outstanding 2012 blog post on the TrainingIndustry.com website. In it he details seven practical ideas, including:

Live in-person training

Content email

Scenario emails

Live webinars

Online lessons

Online best practice community


For the record, Viddler is focused on the last three items, but this blog is an excellent overview of best practices in this important aspect of training. Thanks to the folks at Training Industry Inc. for letting us share this copyrighted gem!


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