Why Vimeo Isn’t Enough for Online Video Training

Companies committed to training already understand how important it is to be using video. Many of these are either using or considering Vimeo to host their training videos instead of an online video training system.

There are good reasons for that. Vimeo is a reputable platform. It’s cheap at only $200/year. It’s easy to get started—without involving your purchasing department.

So the most common question I hear is, “Why would I use an online video training system instead of just Vimeo?” As any sales guy would, I am answering this question with even more questions!

Is a video training system right for you?

  • Will you regularly add or update training videos?
  • Is it required that everyone watches your video training?
  • Is it important that everyone shows they understand the training?
  • Is it helpful to practice the lessons learned?

If you answered any questions with a “yes”, then Vimeo is not enough to meet your needs.

Good interactive video training systems are developed with training managers’ needs in mind. The system must be capable of setting permission-based access for the learners who will login. This way you can group together different content for departments or managers. Your system should also have user tracking analytics to know if and when individuals and groups completed viewing required content. Your system must also include knowledge checks through assessments and assignments. Interactive training using these elements help keep your learners engaged throughout each video as well as demonstrate that the content is understood and can be applied.

Three common hurdles to using an online video training system

  • No budget. It’s super easy to default to a $200/year product, even if it doesn’t fully fit your needs because you don’t have to build a case to create a budget. My recommendation is to begin with a pilot of a system—to prove its value to your organization.
  • The habit of embedding videos. The classic way of using videos is by embedding them in your existing website. However, what’s good for your marketing videos is not necessarily good for your training videos. Corporate training content can be some of its most valuable intellectual property (IP). It requires a higher level of security, so competitors or ex staff do not gain access. Your system would be best with unique user logins complete with IP tracking to minimize illegal sharing or compromised accounts.
  • A previous or current investment into a Learning Management System (LMS). A good video learning system or portal shouldn’t require replacing your LMS. It should act as an enhancement to it. Make sure that the systems are compatible with each other and that users and data can flow between.

Vimeo is a great choice for public-facing marketing videos. However, marketing is not training. The fact is you do get what you pay for. Your online video training should be geared toward the specific requirements and workflows of your company and people. There are much better tools for online video training than Vimeo.

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