Why We Love Training (and You Should Too!)

Viddler is focused on soft skills training and reinforcement. That’s not a surprise to anyone reading our blogs. But we thought you’d like to know why we chose training as the main target for our awesome video technology.

Training was always the key to success. Young Stone Age hunters had to learn how to bring down a woolly mammoth without becoming human pancakes. Then as now, training was a natural process. An experienced mentor talked about basics, demonstrated them, gave trainees plenty of practice and encouragement, and ultimately turned them loose.

No Substitute for Mentoring

The basics of training haven’t changed. Today’s business has. There’s more distance, less personal contact, and less time for good mentoring relationships. Professional trainers fill in the gap, but there’s still no substitute for role models, mentors, and practice reinforcement.

Experienced leaders need new ways to mentor their team, even when they work worlds apart.

We’ve spoken with many successful business and sales coaches. They all lament the fact that time and distance keep them from being more effective. They love it when the “aha moment” happens, but they fret when the lack of personal contact keeps the student from practicing and retaining what he learns.

At Viddler, we love the “aha moments” too. We also love it when mentors and trainees get to practice what they learn, no matter where they are or what time zone they live in. Increasingly, we see this happening with our online video offering, the Viddler Training Suite.

Beyond the Classroom

Make no mistake, online video is a great way to present a lecture—long or short—or a demonstration, and distribute it to a wide audience. We love it when a training video is well produced, using the many techniques available to trainers. Even webcam footage can be an awesome source of training content.

But that’s only part of the story. No matter how good your training video is, it can always be made an even better experience for your people. For starters, it can include questions and comments inside the video timeline. Whatever gets them to lean forward and do something, not just sit back and watch, will make it more effective.

We love it when our clients go beyond the classroom model. They involve their students in a give-and-take process that can only happen (in today’s mobile business world) with interactive online video.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like the Stone Age hunter, or the modern athlete, business professionals need to practice what they know. No amount of head knowledge will keep you from becoming a human pancake. The trouble is, with the fast pace of today’s business, we don’t get much time to practice for the main event.

Here’s where it gets exciting. With the give-and-take of interactive, asynchronous video, team members CAN actually practice before the big meeting or the big sales pitch. With the Viddler Training Suite, team members can record themselves in any step of the process. Leaders and team members can provide feedback and encouragement. Friendly competition is encouraged. Most important, each team member gets better and more confident with their part in the process.


We’re also excited about results. Sure, we’ve always been able to track whether someone watched a video, and for how long, but real training is about more than that.

Our clients, using Viddler Training Suite, can rate each other’s performance, using a numeric scale that automatically pops up at the end of each practice video. This is completely private, seen only by the people who need to know. That kind of measurement is key. When the composite scores are shared, team members can actually see their progress over time.

When a team member knows he or she is making progress, the reward is clear.

Beyond that level of satisfaction, there is also the prospect of business success. Well-trained, mentored, and practiced team members invariably do well in the real world.

At Viddler, we’re happy to play a part in that success.


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