Are you using your best marketing resource? Most hospitals aren’t.

Are you using your best marketing resource? Most hospitals aren’t.

We recently looked at the data of a top 100 hospital client of ours and saw that for the past five months, over 50% of their 10,000 employees are engaging with the hospital’s informational and promotional videos. Why is this important?

Because over 5,000 employees engaged and informed, shared hospital success stories, allowing them to tap into a huge marketing asset – their own employees. Now there’s over 5,000 people in house who are equipped to share success stories within their personal networks.

Employees who remember and share those success stories generate new referrals, new patients and increased services. It’s easy to exceed a complete ROI with just a handful of referrals.

Every hospital should consider an employee engagement program that incentivizes staff to view success stories and encourage them to share with their personal networks.

What if you could consistently engage half of your employees as brand advocates? See us to learn how to boost your network referrals through employee engagement.

Written by Donna DeMarco

"Donna DeMarco, Co-Founder/ Vice President of Viddler, Inc. Donna brings over 20 years of high level, project management and software engineering expertise to Viddler. Donna's expertise in understanding clients requirements and exceeding their expectations has helped build Viddler to service 2,000+ clients. Donna has spoken at various technical conferences including Digital Summit, Digital East, Internet Summit, ITEC, Software Developers Conference, and CASE World. Publications include Proceedings of the International Symposium on Engineered Software Systems, the Wall Street Journal Career Journal, CIO Magazine, Philly Tech Magazine, and International Recruitment News. In July, Donna was named one of the 50 most empowering women in business."