Your Video Training is on YouTube. Now What?

An Innovative History:

Online video has had many stages throughout its short lifetime. In the mid 2000s, YouTube was one of the fastest growing websites, and many businesses were racing to get their videos online. In the early to mid 2010’s, professional platforms like Vimeo emerged offering low cost professional hosting outfitted with better security and control of video content. Hosting online video on YouTube and Vimeo became a major part of most businesses marketing strategies.

Video is also useful for training and eLearning. There is currently a shift in the training industry: placing video at the center of programs, not just used as a supplement. With video as the center of modern learning programs, higher engagement has a direct correlation with improved learning.

Training departments typically get started by using the company’s YouTube or Vimeo channels. However, trainers soon realize that their video training needs exceed the capacity of those platforms.

Technology Today

As technology evolves, it must also address real-world workforce expectations. Your workforce is increasingly accustomed to learning online and using “just in-time” searches for answers instead of the traditional, “memorize everything” model of sitting in classrooms.

To keep up with this workforce, you need to provide a learning platform to meet the needs of all learners.

Most of my clients are either just starting a training program, converting their in-person training to on-demand or are expanding rapidly and need a scalable system to keep up with their fast growing members.

A solid video centric learning platform covers three things:

  • Security:  With logins, domain whitelisting and IP restrictions, you have the power to secure your sensitive materials to the right people.
  • Interactivity:  Engaging features like in-time commenting, quizzing and video recording provide a way for users to really learn in a more in-depth fashion.
  • Measurability:  Analytics and user tracking helps managers see learning progress, to understand and adjust behavior inside the organization.
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